Oxen off Grass – working the numbers

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Llewellyn Maclean is a numbers man. When he goes into a beef venture, he makes sure that the price per kilogram, kilogram per hectare and profit make sense. Farming extensively in the Queenstown/Sterkstroom district with registered and commercial Beefmasters on 3100ha (he owns two-thirds and hires one-third), he has applied an exacting table of data [...]

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Nguni weaner crisis – where to from here?

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The Nguni cattle breed is facing a crisis in which the major feedlots in South Africa are either not accepting Nguni weaners or paying several rand less for them. Why is this happening and what is being done about it? In this feature we speak to Marli Stegmann - the President of the Nguni Cattle [...]

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South African farmers: monsters or whipping boys?

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The voice of the farmer and of permanent farm employees has largely been missing in the wage strikes and associated violence. What we have heard is hate-speech against farmers, broadcast by the media far too many times. […]

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Hooves, Hooves and More Hooves

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Too much rest damages the veld and only intense livestock hoof action can restore vegetation and reverse the effects of desertification, a major cause of climate change. Four decades since he gave his first course on holistic farming in South Africa, holistic management pioneer Allan Savory returned to Graaff-Reinet for a three-day workshop. Heather Dugmore [...]

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Abundant Cattle Farming

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Johann Zietsman offers 25 years of sustainable cattle production to show South African cattle farmers how to double, triple or quadruple their cattle numbers while improving the quality of their veld. […]

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Five Generations of Merino – Merino SA President

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MERINO SA President Julian Southey talks about the need to be adaptable and to change your farming practice from that of previous generations in order to rise to current economic challenges and benefit from the knowledge available today. […]

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Fences and Fortunes

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There is a modest white gravestone in the old cemetery in the Eastern Cape town of Middelburg. This is the resting place of John Sweet Distin Esquire, formerly of Tafelberg Hall, a farm with its own distinctive ‘table mountain’ on the outskirts of Middelburg. […]

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