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  • Early Human Footprints and Sculptures in the Sand

    The origins of human self-awareness and development have been traced to South Africa’s Cape south coast.   The images, human footprints and animal tracks found by scientists on South Africa’s Cape south coast are unique. Nothing like this exists anywhere else in the world. “We can, with increased confidence, say welcome home, Homo sapiens,” says [...]

  • Coronavirus Highlights Need To Manufacture Our Own Drugs

    The coronavirus has highlighted the need for South Africa to manufacture life-saving drugs. “We have done a huge amount of research into new ways of manufacturing generic life-saving medications in South Africa, specifically for AIDS, TB, malaria, cancer and influenza,” says Professor Paul Watts, holder of the SARChI Chair in Microfluidic Bio/Chemical Processing at Nelson [...]

  • Covid-19 leaves SA at the mercy of overseas drug exporters

    Many drug ingredient makers in China remain shut or have cut their output. This is a huge problem, not only for us, but for all countries worldwide. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the need for South Africa to manufacture life-saving drugs. “We have done a huge amount of research into new ways of manufacturing [...]


About Heather Dugmore

Heather Dugmore was born and raised in Johannesburg. She has a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Rhodes University, South Africa. She operates between her base in the Eastern Cape and her office in Johannesburg. Her writing reflects the diversity of her experience: from humour to environmental conservation to business to academic research.

Heather contributes to leading newspapers, magazines, universities and corporates. She has produced, managed and edited content in all its multimedia forms – including books, features, photographs, websites, magazines, publications, reports, newsletters and brochures.

She is the author of several books including:

  • Big Cats of Mala Mala, a large-format coffee table book with photographs by Roger and Pat de la Harpe, which narrates a year of living with the big cats and an exploration of the lion, leopard and cheetah in African mythology.
  • Muthi & Myths from the African Bush explores indigenous medicinal plants and cultural knowledge systems in Africa through the storytelling medium.
  • Shamwari: Soul of the Earth explores conservation entrepreneurialism, environmental sustainability and the role of wild places in the survival of our planet.
  • The WWF-Nedbank Green Trust’s 25th Anniversary Book. This book documents the wide range of projects, from terrestrial and marine conservation to national policy and climate change initiatives that The WWF-Nedbank Green Trust has sponsored since its inception.
  • The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation – 30th Anniversary of Grantmaking in South Africa 1988 – 2018. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has funded numerous research projects in the Arts and Humanities at South African Universities to strengthen and promote human and environmental well-being in diverse, democratic societies.