Key Moment for SA Climate Change

By | January 31st, 2011|Green|

The government, women, coalminers, business…each sector of South African society needs to be involved right now if, as Africa’s highest emitter of carbon, South Africa is to transform to a low carbon economy. The Green Trust is doing something about it. The Green Trust is funding a project that is contributing to climate change policy development and input to government processes, at the same time as it focuses on labour and grassroots participation in climate change mitigation issues. […] «Key Moment for SA Climate Change»

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Long on Junk and Short on Power

By | January 8th, 2011|Green|

“Africa is long on junk and short on power. There is an obvious opportunity here to re-think how we can use waste to generate power. To this end we are increasing our activity throughout the African continent,” says Kevin Whitfield, Head of Carbon at Nedbank Capital. Suitable carbon projects that the Nedbank can monetize on the African continent are being identified, including renewable energy, waste-to-energy and energy efficiency initiatives and technologies, which either offset or reduce the carbon footprint. […] «Long on Junk and Short on Power»

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One Woman’s Meat

By | January 5th, 2011|Green|

‘Eat More Beef and Save the Planet’ announced the cover of Time magazine sometime last year. From inside my closet I turned up my headlamp and shone it on the headline. Could this be true? Surely it was supposed to read: ‘Eat More Risotto and Save the Planet’ or some such vegetarian war cry. […] «One Woman’s Meat»

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Less Travel, More Mobility

By | January 1st, 2011|Green|

There is no better time for all business people, especially business people who spend large chunks of time traveling or on the road, to make the transition to the mobile office – where business meetings, conferences, transactions and client liaison can be done at the tap of a laptop. “The only thing you cannot do virtually or remotely these days is to physically share a cappuccino with your business associates. With the appropriate technology business can now be done ‘face to face’ over a laptop or computer no matter where you are,” says the Nedbank Group’s head of networks, telephony and end user communications, Barry Froneman. […] «Less Travel, More Mobility»

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Food for the Stomach, Knowledge for the Mind

By | January 15th, 2010|Green|

When the school feeding scheme in the Eastern Cape collapsed earlier this year, Eco-Schools in the Port St Johns area managed to continue feeding their learners thanks to their food gardens. […] «Food for the Stomach, Knowledge for the Mind»

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